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Synopsis. SUTTON POCKET BIOGRAPHIES. They called him America's first teenager, James Dean starred in just three films, but his death in aged
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BBC documentary on James Dean (My Book&App "In Love With James Dean")

Carrier bag with James Dean image Large paper and plastic carrier bag with James Dean image in pop-art style. I, James Dean: the real story behind America's most popular idol Exposing the hidden terrors, triumphs frustrations and fulfilments, the biography explores the dramatic story of the most popular idol of James Dean French language biography of James Dean, including numerous images and a commentary on his films.

James Dean Highly readable biography that explores the myth that built up around an acting genius, and unravels the truth behind it. Theater of Operations--Pacific Organizations and Offices. Document Type. World War II Navy Communities. File Formats. Location of Archival Materials. Author Name. Place of Event.

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