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Sep 6, Explore margaritp's board "Floral Heart", followed by people on Pinterest. Flowers in the heart 1 - floral design Moniek Vanden Berghe.
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Video Tutorial: Paper Heart Flowers

Are you feeling all right, Riki? Riki: Riki love flowers! Sharla: [I like flowers too. Flowers taste yum yum, no?

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Sharla: Oh, you eat them? Riki: Yes! But also give to wifeypon. It Nopon custom. Riki bring flowers home.

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Oka hang them on walls. Riki: Riki not that good a husband! Sharla: These flowers are such a lovely shade of blue, you know. I think they would suit Melia.

Key to My Heart

How about you pick one for her? It could be a present. Riki: Give to Melly?! Riki want to do good for Melly!

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Riki: Riki think the same. Melly nice Bird Lady I could look for flowers with you. Riki: Yay! Riki pick flowers with Sharla! Melly will be happy happy! Sharla: [Wait a moment, Riki! I can see the glint in your eye!

Heart and Soul

Riki: Riki not make Oka more jealous! Oka already jealous because friends take Riki away from her!

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Sharla: Riki! The answer is 'Yes!

So Riki and Melly will only ever be good friends. Riki love Oka. You know, Melia really does think of you as a dear friend. Riki: Riki want to make Melly proud. Riki show Melly true Heropon! Sharla: I'm sure you will.

Sharla: [You are getting on a bit. Sharla: I Riki: Nopon all love flowers!


Riki and Nopon eat them! This easy spring craft requires minimal supplies, making it perfect for school or home. Related: Paper Heart Bookmarks. Last weekend it was warm enough to open the windows in our home. The clean, fresh air made our home feel open, refreshed, and happy. Related: Rainbow Heart Suncatchers. We chose red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and pink. Watch the video below to be guided through each step of this craft.

You can view more easy kids craft tutorials on our Facebook Page , Teachers Pay Teachers Page , or right here on our website. Be sure you are following along with Fireflies and Mud Pies here.