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Chocolates for Breakfast is a American novel written by Pamela Moore. Originally published in when Moore was eighteen years old, the novel gained.
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This book is really wonderful. That sort of statement is condescending and unfair. The protagonist is Courtney Farrell. When the novel opens, she is a fifteen year-old in boarding school with a rebellious roommate, Janet, and an intense need for solitude, which she indulges by walking around the edges of the hockey field in the evening and by exploring the woods around the school. In these early chapters, it is clear that Courtney has an inner intellectual and creative life that she mostly keeps secret from others.

After Miss Rosen cuts her off, Courtney starts sleeping ten or twelve hours a day and still feeling tired when she is awake.

James and Miriam Read Chocolates for Breakfast, Part II

This sounds like a mild depression, of course, and Courtney is taken to a doctor who finds nothing physically wrong with her. The doctor writes to her parents and recommends that she be taken out of boarding school. Her divorced-or-possibly-just-separated parents agree, and Courtney moves to California, where her mother is a struggling movie actress who lives in an apartment complex in Hollywood. This doctor is present in the novel for only about four pages; when I sat down to write this review, I barely remembered that he existed — yet we know what he said to his wife over dinner.

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This novel is written in the omniscient point of view and succeeds in this technique more soundly than any other novel I have read recently. I sort of had an inner ranking system for points of view. First-person was neutral; there was nothing wrong with it — it was easy to do passably but hard to do well, although one was welcome to try. But third-person limited point of view was really the litmus test of a writer. When I learned this approach to thinking about fiction, my ability to analyze short stories and novels skyrocketed.

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It can be so interesting to investigate why certain details are revealed instead of others and how the limitations of the protagonist shape the narrative — and what a reader learns by reading in this way is that there is no limit to how subtle characterization can be. I became a better reader and a better teacher because of this approach, but as a writer, I soon became tired of it. I came away from my education with a couple of funny ideas about the omniscient point of view. The first is that I associated it with books like The Sound and the Fury and Ulysses — meaning that I somehow managed to couple it with stream-of-consciousness.

“Chocolates for Breakfast,” an influential lesbianish novel you couldn’t read until now

Save it for the tortured geniuses. Earlier this year, I took my first fiction workshop in years, and the instructor of that workshop highly recommended the use of the omniscient point of view. His stance was that readers like feeling that they are being carried along by an authoritative voice. Once Courtney is in Hollywood, a lot of predictable but sad things happen. Courtney quickly reunites with bad-girl Janet Parker and her neverending parade of men, clothes, and alcohol.

The novel ends with a suicide, but Courtney is not the one who kills herself.

When Janet kills herself OK there — I said it , the reader breathes a sigh of relief. But it's fun too! Ooooh, I loved it. One gets the feeling that Courtney, not to mention her "slutty," troubled best friend, New York debutante Janet Parker, was doomed from the start.

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As was Moore, the author, who committed suicide at 27 while in the midst of her fourth novel — it's now suspected that she suffered from bipolar disorder. None of her subsequent books received as much acclaim as Chocolates. You guys!

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Readddd it! It would be especially perfect for any too-cool Class of high school girl in your life, or someone who just is one at heart. The A.

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